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Here is some general information you may need regarding your family member’s stay:

  • He/she gets 3 meals a day which is served in the dining room. Tea/coffee is also provided.
  • All his/her laundry is washed on the premises. Please make sure the clothing is marked as all patients items get washed together.
  • The room has DSTV, an aircon/heater and a nurse-call bell.
  • All bedding and towels are provided.
  • Regular cleaning of the room is done by our attendants.
  • Items to bring: medications, doctor’s prescription, specific wound care supplies, clothing, toiletries, photos and things that would make him/her feel more at home.
  • Items advised not to bring: any valuables, jewellery, money, cell phones.
  • The Clubhouse does have a hairdresser and beauty therapist whose services are at a discounted rate but not included. Should a haircut or pedicure be required, the family can lock the cash payment away with the sister on duty.
  • Visiting times: 10am -11:45am, 3pm -5pm and 7pm -8pm. If you would like to take him/her out during the day you are welcome to, we just need to be made aware of any outings.
  • We have a supplier for diapers, you can open an account with them and they will deliver the diapers to the facility and invoice you accordingly. Otherwise the family is to the provide diapers if needed.
  • His/her own doctor (GP) is used for consultations if needed.
  • 24/7 carers on duty. A sister is on duty during the weekdays and on call after hours for emergencies. A staff nurse is on duty during the evenings.
  • Please provide a pharmacy account, from which his/her medications and over the counter treatments must be ordered. The medical aid/private account will be invoiced by the pharmacy accordingly. No over the counter treatments will be ordered without your approval.
  • Please note that it is advised that he/she be admitted between 9am and 3pm so that the sister can go over the medications and medical needs upon admission.

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