Schonenberg Health Care

A professionally managed Health Care Centre offers full frail care facilities in individual private rooms all designed to the highest standard.

Primary health care, covered by the monthly levy, includes a bi-weekly clinic visit, routine medical care and regular house visits by the Village sister or nursing staff to those who are unable to attend the clinic.

Health Care Centre

The Health Care Centre opened its doors in June 2014. The centre consists of 14 frail care rooms of which 4 can take 2 beds. In addition there are 13 assisted living units for the more independent residents. These bedsit units contain their own kitchenette, bathrooms and have room for a small lounge.

Whilst the frail care units offer 24 hour care and attract a monthly rental and service fee, the assisted living units are sold on a life right basis and pay a monthly service fee.

For more information on pricing and availability contact the sales office or the Sister in Charge.

Our Sales Team

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Schonenberg Retirement Village

Retirement Village 30 mins from Cape Town. Being involved in where your parents are going to spend their golden years is a wonderful feeling!